2015 XC Season Princeton Invitational and Regionals


Greetings Wildcats! I hope you’re all ready for next week’s Thanksgiving feast. As Kamrin Pester always says, “yum yum in my tum tum makes me run run,” so be sure to get your fair share! Before you head home, we wanted to give you a recap of all the amazing work the Club Running team has done during this Fall Cross Country season. This has been quite a successful year so far for Villanova Club Running, and your performances at the Princeton Invitational and NIRCA Mid-Atlantic Regionals meets are just two outstanding examples of that. We’ve had such consistent attendance and hard work from all of you this year, and you have a lot to show for it.

At the Princeton Invitational on October 4th we had our best performance ever as a team. Our top three in the men’s 8k race were Etienne Dumas coming in first with a time of 26:59, followed by Brandon Timm with a time of 27:59, Albert Tebbetts in 28:14, Shawn Vettom, Pat Hehir, Mitchell Klema, Dan Schmetterling, Matthew Stopkey, Kamrin Pester, Seth Bryant, Chris Sheldon, and Gerry Wagner. On the Girl’s side we had Cedar Nelson coming in at a blazing 24:00 for a 4th place finish overall for 6k, followed by Alex Shaw at 26:40, Molly Stone at, Ashden Personius, Cindy Jones, Gillian Krautman, Kelly Mulvaney, and Vanessa Dilorio.

Then, at the 2015 NIRCA Mid Atlantic Regional Championship, also at Princeton we saw performances that once again eclipsed those at the first Princeton meet. On the guys side, we had six guys run sub 28 for the 8k with our top finisher Pat Hehir came in at 26:57, followed by James Kelly in 27:22, and Brandon Timm in 27:29, with Shawn Vettom, Alec Depaolis, Will Landis, Eric Fedio, Neil Macfarlane, Albert Tebbetts, Mitchell Klema, Matthew Stopkey, Alex Alberti, Dan Schmetterling, and Seth Bryant coming in behind them for a solid performance. On the Women’s team we also had PR’s all around with Cedar Nelson coming in 11th overall at 23:35, followed by Elle Lynott at 24:13, and Ashden Personius at 25:06, followed closely by Sarah Davis, Alex Shaw, Cindy Jones, Gillian Krautman, Catherine Rayward, Molly Stone, and Sabrina Nguyen.

We have a lot to be proud of and we should all be looking forward to extremely exciting indoor and outdoor track seasons. Congratulations to everyone who raced, and thank you for making Club Running the best club at Villanova. We certainly couldn’t do it without all of you.


Hey Everyone!

The STRIDES 5k is next Wednesday at 7:30 starting at the Oreo! For those of you who lived under a rock last year (or for you freshman) the STRIDES 5k is an awesome 5k on campus that raises money for Special Olympics. It's not very competitive but we can treat it as a tempo run. Plus, you get a t-shirt!

Sign up at the table outside Connelly all next week or online at

-The Crew

"I ran the STRIDES 5k! And then... I met the most dynamite gal." - Tall Matt

Welcome back!

Hey guys!

First off, a big welcome to everyone who stopped by the table last Wednesday at the Activities Fair! We're excited to work with you and get our run on! Before we can do that, however, we have a few important details to iron out.

First, the first official practice will be tomorrow, 8/31, at 5:30. Due to construction on the Butler Annex, the track is unavailable to us (possibly until March? Reason to cry if you need one). Instead, we'll be meeting at Pike Field. If you're unsure of where that is, see the attached photo.

Second, if you plan to run with us, you must sign the club sports waiver. If you haven't signed the waiver and handed it into an officer, you will not be allowed to practice. You can find and print off the form here.

Third, we want to invite everyone to join the Club Running Day of Service group this semester. Not only is it an awesome opportunity to give back to the community with a bunch of boss runner friends, but we actually receive more yearly funding from the university according to our attendance at community service events. You can sign up for our group here.

Fourth, if you're interested in winning t-shirts, glory, bragging rights, honor, friends, popularity, more redundant expressions, etc. then go ahead and sign up for our intramural flag football team here. If you're not familiar with Club Running's domination of the intramural sports scene here at Nova, then take a minute and watch Titanic. We're the iceberg - other teams are cruise liners. 

Last, we have a lot of races coming up for the Fall XC season. We want to encourage everyone to try out a few races, but understand if it's not for you. In order to cut down on email spam, we're going to create a second email list for members interested in competing. If you'd like to be on the competitor email list, please sign up here

We'll have more information tomorrow at our first practice, 5:30 at Pike Field. Come ready to run see you guys then!

-The Crew


Penn Relayz 2015

Watch out Villanova I’m fast
— Princeton runner (before getting beaten by Etienne Dumas in the 4xmile)
Penn Relayz.jpg

This Sunday, March 29th our team raced in the Club Running Penn Relayz (not to be confused with the less prestigious Penn Relays with an 's') at University of Pennsylvania's Historic Franklin Field. It was a beautiful day for racing (unlike last year), made even more beautiful by the lack of a tent. The men's team competed in the 4x8, SMR, DMR, 4x1, 4x2, and 4xMile, while the Women's team competed in the SMR and DMR. To quote Count Kamrin J. Pester of Ohio: "They were sons and daughters of the Club, and through their sacrifices earned eternal glory in its name."


Shout-out to Alec DePaolis and Jay Adams for doubling, and by that I mean running a half-marathon earlier in the day. Also, a distinction to Neil Macfarlane for his ridiculous 4:29 mile split (whose running capabilities are fueled solely by a hunger for partying and a thirst for a warm glass of milk) to help the men's 4xMile relay win the most competitive event of the day. Of course, we also have to mention the men's sprinters who won both the 4x1 and 4x2 in an outstanding fashion, and the 5 ladies who managed to finish 2nd in both of their relays!


Keep an eye on your emails for more opportunities for glory in the future. And as always, stay classy, Club Runners.

February Meeting Recap

If you couldn't make it to the meeting here's what you need to know:

We want there to be at least one person from each group at every practice so people know there will always be someone to run with. To accomplish this we are asking members to sign up to be group leaders at practice. Try to sign up for at least one practice a week. You will be leading a group so you are expected to be at that practice every week. Please post in the facebook group or inform your group if you can't make it. Click here to sign up.

We also know how hard it is to get the motivation to get out and run in the cold. So we will be starting a running log where you can see what other people with similar goals are running. If you want to use the running log click here to sign up.

Sprinting practice will begin very soon, we're just trying to put together a schedule and see who can lead practices (sign up above). Right now it looks like sprinters will begin with 2 gym days and 2 easy runs a week. This will pick up as the snow melts off the track.

And couple general things: Skyzone trip will most likely be March 7 but we'll send out an email when we know for sure. We will be participating in Relay for Life so sign up with our group!! Lastly, $10 dues can be paid to any club officer at practice. Certain events will be only for members who paid dues.

There are a lot of ways to get involved in this club. I guarantee you that the more involved you are the more fun it will be! 


"It's dangerous business, Frodo, joining Club Running. You step onto the road and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you'll be swept off to." - Will Landis

Mid-Atlantic Regionals 2014

I hope there’ll be cows on the course. It’ll be like moo moo Meadows!
— Seth

Yup, that quote pretty much some it up folks. But for those of you who couldn't make it, I'll explain. Every single moment of our Mid-Atlantic Regionals trip was awesome!! From Neil's great playlist on the way over to ET's disturbing narration in Mafia Friday night, everything about Regionals was great... well except for the course. I'm not sure who thought putting that many hills in a course was a good idea (or that many cows), but I'm willing to bet they never ran it. An eyewitness at the scene, James James Kelly, was quoted saying, "that s**t was worse than Hershey!"

Now, the course may have been ridiculous, but that didn't stop Villanova Club Running! Our guys team placed 11th lead by the dashing duo of Etienne Dumas (28:48) and Neil MacFarlane (28:50). But the real MVP on the guys side was Alec DePaolis (30:45) who had an outstanding race placing 4th for our team.

At the Haverford meet Coach Marcus O'Sullivan was ecstatic about the size of our girls team noting that it was "the biggest girls team" we ever had. Well last week the lady wildcats proved they are not just our biggest team ever, but also our best! Cedar Nelson lead the girls team placing 10th with a time of 24:16 (don't let the varsity coach see this, we might lose her.) The remaining four scorers stayed within a minute of each other leading the girls team to a 5th place finish in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Full results can be found here.

Inspired by running

As Club Runners at Villanova University we do more than just run. Some of us engineers, businessmen, nurses, bio majors, etc. Running might not be our highest priority but it does influence everything we do. It's time we acknowledge some of the ways it has influenced us in the classroom and beyond. So here's the first of many stories that will be on display on our website.

"The Athlete's Foot" by Connor Gulick


If anyone has stories they want to share please email

Club Running is better than Division III!

Congrats to everyone who competed at the PSU Brandywine Invitational! Both girls and guys teams dominated the competition even though most other teams in attendance were Division III Varsity.  

In the girls race Cedar Nelson placed 3rd and Emily Lotterer placed 23rd! On the guys side we had 3 runners in the top 5. Neil MacFarlane placed 2nd, Shawn Vettom 3rd, James Kelly 5th, and Erik Lindroth 15th. Mitchell Klema was right behind Erik but it seems that the results got messed up and he isn't on the results list. (They just didn't want people to see that Villanova Club Running beat every DIII school that was there!)

If you guys want to see the times (please don't, that course sucked) follow this link.  Check out pictures from the race on our site.